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Virus In Action! | Customers Talk About Virus | Manuals | Technology
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Virus In Action!

See Videos of Virus Boats in Action!

"Row Virus in Action!"
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You will need QuickTime Player to view this video. (Download QuickTime).

Turbo II Wing with Sliding Rigger.
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Free Video "Introduction to Rowing a Virus Scull" is included with each boat!
See the clip (Highspeed Connection 2.4 MB, Dial Up 1.2 MB)- (Quicktime video)

See Virus boats in action! The photos below and video links show the versatile line of boats in action.

Rowing for Family Fun and Exercise

Rowing for Fun and ExerciseMother and daughter rowing for the day in the Yole. Virus boats are perfect for clubs, youth groups, families or anybody who wants a forgiving, easy to row boats that are great for beginners or pros alike.




Open Water Rowing

Open Water Rowing Turbo Skiff in the surf. As with all Virus boats, it's designed to be self bailing and stable. Virus boats offer exceptional performance on open water.







Row Touring

Touring on the Missouri riverTouring on the Missouri River with the Kataram and Turbo II - 5 day trip. Most Virus boats are easily adapted for touring. Gear can be carried on the deck or inside water resistant bulkheads in some models. The easy of rowing and stability add to your sense of security on long tours or rough water.