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What People are Saying About Virus


These reviews are unsolicited, written by people who have purchased or rowed Virus boats.

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E-mails from Customers:

Urs!! I LOVE IT!!! Problem is...don't want to get off the river!!

From: Joe [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I built a rack in my garage that has two flat 2X4 that are padded with carpet. These strike the hull about 1/3 in from each end. I am storing the boat deck side down on these.

Yesterday was the maiden voyage. Wow!!! The boat is everything I expected and more. I am sure I looked more like a gangling goose than a rower but I managed to stay upright and move forward fast enough to realize the boat's potential. Thirty years ago I learned to ride a unicycle, this will be a wonderful challenge for a 62 year old. Can't wait to get back to the river. My son-in-law was a championship rower in Canada and was on hand to show me the "right way" yesterday. He was
very skeptical of of the sliding rigger system before he tried it. You may have another potential customer. I will try to be a good North Arkansas ambassador for your product. Thanks again. I will try to follow your advice and Row often and be well. You do the same.
Sincerely, Joe

Joe owns a TurboII Wing

From: Joe/Sheila Leonard [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 10:34 AM
Subject: Re: Joe Leonard

Urs!! I LOVE IT!!! Problem is...don't want to get off the river!! If you would like more pics, let me know and I will send more.

Joe Leonard

Joe owns a TurboII Classic

from: Larry Julian [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 11:39 AM
Subject: Re: oars

Thanks for the pictures. I was on the road most of last week so did not get to use the boat much. I also went to the Croker site during the week and found my mistake. The great thing about teaching myself besides the satisfaction is that no one sees my mistakes. In fact they are experiments not mistakes.

I have been out this weekend three times and I think I am in the process of imprinting some different muscle memory. Previously my left hand was too tight and my right hand too loose. At first I had a hard time keeping the right oar square with the Crokers and I was pulling too hard with the left oar. It is remarkable how my rowing patterns unconsciously adapted to the asymetry of the aluminum oars. I think after a few more outings I will erase those habits and my rowing and body will straighten up.

I appreciate the comments on feathering. I finally had my stroke learned to the point of concentrating on blade work when I found the pitch in that aluminum oar. This is the best hobby I have picked up in a long time.

Thanks for your help.

Larry Julian

Larry rows a Turbo II Wing with Croker Oars.

From: tim hale [mailto:]
Sent: monday, august 18, 2003 6:51 pm
Subject: new boat

Day 1 looked at river and remembered rowing at academy 34 years ago.

Day 2 searched internet for an affordable one man scull. Found virus.only choice in my price range, cheap !!

Called u.r.s. [Urs Wunderli of RUM International/Virus Boats] he assured me nothing to it, great exercise. An 800 mile trip to New Orleans would be fun.

Day 3 ordered boat

Day 6 received boat. Nice !!

Took boat to lake. Put wing on. Put oars on with oar locks backwards. Beat myself with oars till bruised. Put boat in truck. Cursed urs. Saved shipping material to send it back, it did not work!!!

Day 7 called Urs. After he stopped laughing , told me how to set the boat up right. Went to lake. Oared boat 200 yards off shore, got in a hurry, rushed stroke, dug in right oar. Let go of oar. Flipped over, spent the next hour and a half trying to get back in the boat. Finally. Too tired to row. Put boat in truck. Curse urs.

Day 8 call urs. Tells me to read instructions on internet page and print. Finally stops laughing. I read . Go to lake.

Row boat, so easy. I go across lake and back. I tell everyone I know this is the best exercise on earth. Sell my bicycle, throw away running shoes.

Day 9 started rowing morning and night.

Can’t get enough. Going faster and farther. Laugh at those with motors, pass a sail boat becalmed in lake.

Day 10 set up statue of urs to praise.

All I can say is give rowing 10 days and you will never go back. "It is the future seen backwards."

Tim hale, arkansas river rat

P.S. Headed to New Orleans 700 miles
See you on bourbon street!!!

TurboII Owner