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Rowers Stories

Rowing with Madison

Hi all, please meet Madison. Madi is our Granddaughter. Just recently Renee and I had the Family’ visit here on Longboat Key.

Now that Madi is old enough and, at 3 1/2, very curious about all and everything, we surely had to go and row for a stretch.

The water was perfect, so putting on the life jacket and hopping in the stern of the Turbo II Classic was done real quick. And off we row up and down near the coast line.

Madi looks on as I move on the seat through the strokes and recoveries. Her interest is obvious - could it be that we will have a talent one day? We chatted as we went along. Then came the moment when she drew the conclusion of her observations and said: “Opi (that's me, Urs) you are on a wheel chair”.

Well, I was able to keep the boat up right during the chuckle.