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Rowers Stories

Another Reason to Row a Virus!

I am a new owner of a Virus Yole. I am extemely lucky because I can walk my Yole [with fat sand tires] the 5 minutes to the beach from my house. I live on one of Georgia's barrier islands, Tybee Island. There, within another 5 miinutes, I've set up the boat and am rowing, perhaps I will see dolphins today. Good exercise and it makes me feel good.

My fantasy and the other reason to row a Virus is that my daily route takes me in front of Sandra Bullock's house [one of several probably worldwide] here on Tybee. One day, when she is standing on her deck and I am rowing past, I'm sure she's going to say, "What kind of boat is that guy rowing? It looks like fun". She will then meet me as I beach the Yole and ask me, "Hey, what kind of boat is that?". And that, as they say, will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

John Drop
Tybee Island, GA