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Stempfli racing shell on a Mini!
Stempfli shell cockpit
Stempfli racing shell in action


Overhead shot of Staempfli Shell
Photography by Dave Holmes

Performance Rowing Shells in Wood

The Staempfli cedar shell is a masterpiece for rowers demanding the exceptional.

The boat is equipped with ball bearing sliding seats, adjustable runners and foot stretchers, modern rowing shoes as well as adjustable swivels and aluminum riggers. This allows you to set up the boat easily.

Stempfli likes to craft the cedar boats according to your requests. For example the boat width and length can be adjusted to suit.

Want to see a Staempfli being built?

This is the story of "Vakapád"

The diligent, complete process of building a Staempfli 1X Cedar Racing Boat - from day 1 to the test row on Lake Zurich, Switzerland, followed by the delivery by Melchior Buergin to the proud owner in Budapest, Hungary.

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If you have any questions about the details please contact us

They have brought to life many individual ideas such as with their cedar skiff. It is dividable into two parts so that it can be transported more easily and be stored in a smaller place.

Another request of a customer was to mount the sliding seat on three runners. With this, the two outer runners can be mounted further towards the bow so that they don't squeeze into the calf anymore.

Call for more information - 888.767.8824.

Check out the USED 2x Staempfli for sale here!

Stempfli rowing shells are easy to car top. Staempfli rowing shell in action
Photography by Ror Littlefield