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SeaDog Shells

Both models of the SeaDog Shell

These are the first sculls in over twenty years built in the US for a sliding rigger. The hull design and sliding rigger system combined to create perfect harmony and efficiency.

Designed and built by SeaDog Boats in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this flat-water recreational shell and the open water shell are easily handled. The light weight and short length make it perfect for storing overhead in a standard garage, easy to car top, and easy for one person to carry! Both bow and stern are sealed water tight compartments with 6-inch screw-in inspection/access hatches.

These use the Virus sliding rigger. The sliding rigger eliminates the pitching and acceleration/decelleration that is a problem with traditional sliding seat rigs is shorter boats.

Available in complete boats or plans. The plans are well thought out and easy for anybody with reasonable skill in woodworking to build. The construction method is simple stitch and glue with okuome plywood, spruce, and mahogany trim.


SeaDog Shell 150


Passengers: 1

Material: Okuome/Mahogany
Weight w/o rigger: 26 lbs

Maximum Rower Weight: 150 lbs

Length/Beam/Depth: 15' 9"/ 22"/6.5"

SeaDog Shell 200


Passengers: 1

Material: Okuome/Mahogany
Weight w/o rigger: 33 lbs

Maximum Rower Weight: 200 lbs

Length/Beam/Depth: 15' 9"/ 22"/8.5"

Additional Photos of the Shell 150

The photos below have links to larger images.

SeaDog Shells on the water
SeaDog Shells on the water

Rowers' Comments on the SeaDog Shell

"Tracks straight as an arrow"

"This boat is supercalifrgilisticexpialidocous. This thing flys!"

"Easy to manuver yet tracks very straight"

"I have to tell you, this boat is