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RUM International has developed the first and best way to convert your SUP stand up paddle board, wind surfer, or other board style water craft into a rowing rig!

Their innovative mounting system allows fast and secure attachment of the rigger to the board of any windsurfer or SUP paddle board without the use of straps or the need to drill holes into the board or use other intrusive fasteners. The result is a rigger mount that will hold up under any rowing conditions without shifting or becoming loose.

The key to their innovative amount is a combination of strong vacuum mounts and low-profile connection system between the board and sliding rigger unit. The vacuum mount system will allow attachment to any smooth surface. Don't mistake these vacuum mounts for suction cups - they're far more. Made by SeaSucker, these vacuum mounts are made for a variety of uses including marine and vehicle mounts and are rated at 120 pounds per unit. The RUM mounting system uses four of these. For those of you who have a textured surface board we provide thin disks to be mounted with adhesive that allow the vacuum mount system to hold, while not interfering with other uses of the board.

The low-profile connection system was developed by RUM through numerous iterations looking for a combination of strength, light weight, low-profile, and minimal splashing of the water that washes across the board to ensure the safest and driest ride possible.

The RUM sliding rigger is a bombproof unit that has been proven through many years of use around the world. It's a tough, lightweight unit that is made from stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and plastic components that are unaffected by salt water or sand. The unit has been used in challenging conditions such as the circum Icelandic row and the Blackburn challenge.

The RUM rigger, mount, and vacuum mounts are all made in USA.



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Buyers guide to Row your Board - call Urs for assistance 941.387.7773

I have... Parts Required Total Cost
BicSUP 12.6
Sliding Rigger Mount Oars
Dreher carbon 289 hatchets
Nothing - Just starting $1299 $1200 Included $600 $3099
I have the board

- $1200 Included $600 $1800

I have the Sliding Rigger & Oars

(For Owners/Rowers of our Turbo II Wing / Cataram / SmartSkiff Wing)

$1299 - $395 - $1694

I have the Sliding Rigger Oars & the Board

(For Owners/Rowers of our Turbo II Wing / Cataram & SmartSkiff Wing)

- - $395 - $395