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Are the Virus Boats good for exercise?

Virus Sculls are ideal for exercise . The motion of rowing employs 80% lower body and 20% upper, therefore giving the rower an overall workout. It’s like taking the rowing machine in the gym and putting it on the water.

As a novice, can I learn to row by myself?

Yes. Rowing a Virus Rowing Scull can be learned in as little as a few hours with little or no previous experience. Reading or watching a video can enhance the learning curve. After the first strokes, persistence for miles will result in better rowing skills.

Rowing in the open ocean in the Florida KeysCan I take a Virus to the Ocean?

All Virus Sculls are open water rowing boats, designed to be rowed in open waters where the conditions could be windy and choppy. The stability and maneuverability of the boats make open water rowing a truly fun sport.



Apostle Islands National Seashore off of Bayfield WisconsinAre Virus boats good for touring?

All Virus Sculls (except the Turbo Skiff SL) have 12" access portholes. There are many examples of long distance rowing in Turbo II’ s and the Yole Class and Club. The cockpit is comfortable and spacious. Virus offers a Turbo II Wing Touring. These boats are equipped with additional extra large porthole.


Can these boats be car topped?

Yes. Ideal are Marco saddles adaptable to all car roof racks. Lift bow of the boat on to one saddle. Push boat in its correct position. Strap down with self locking Virus straps. Attach one rope to front and one to back bumper. One person can handle the loading/unloading in a step by step procedure.

Can these boats be put in the back of a midsize pick up truck?

Yes: all the boats are under 16’ long. The Turbo II and Yole Club are in polyethylene and ultra robust. The Yole Class and Turbo Skiff SL are fiberglass and would need some extra protection.

What is the weight capacity? for:

The Yole: up to 500/600 lb

The Yole continues to run well even at highest loads.

The Turbo II Classic: up to 170/180lb

The Turbo II Wing and Skiff SL 180 and beyond to +/280/300lb

The Turbo II Classic and Wing are identical hulls. Higher weight classes prefer the Wing with sliding rigger and fixed seat. That rigging system prevents from pitching fore and aft (the rowers weight remains in the middle of the boat as opposed to the Classic with the sliding seat where the rower moves fore and aft).

Launching from a rocky shore in the Apostle Islands of Lake SuperiorCan these boats be launched from the beach?

Absolutely,… The Turbo II Classic, Wing and the Yole Club are made of polyethylene. They are ideal for beach or rocky shoreline launches.

What maintenance is needed when used in salt water?

Minimal in the case of the polyethylene boats, Turbo’s and Yole Club. All moving parts and stainless roller bearings should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water and lubricated from time to time with a silicon lubricant. To clean the polyethylene a regular house hold soft scrub product works well. The fiberglass boats, Yole Class and Turbo Skiff SL, can be cleaned the same as the polyethylene boats and from time to time, a good shine with a boat wax.

About storage, what would I need?

Virus boats, especially the Turbo II and Yole Club require little more then a garage floor, a boat dock, boats slings, or could be suspended from the ceiling of the garage. The most ideal are special boat slings or a pair of 2x4’s. The Yole Class and the Turbo Skiff SL in fiberglass are best stored on boat slings..

Dollies where the boat rests on a strap mid ship and a bow support make for excellent permanent storage. For boats stored outside, Virus boat covers or tarps make for good protection. For winter storage outside, or in unheated garages the hulls should be drained.

How can I get a Virus Rowing Scull?

With our easy order and fulfillment system and low cost shipping, all can be arranged by phone or the internet. In most cases it will take less then 8 days from order to row. All boats are shipped throughout the US, Canada and South America from our central warehouse in Charleston, SC. Each boat is securely wrapped to guard against in-transit damage. Fiberglass boats are additionally crated for protection. We ship to the Yellow Freight terminal nearest the customer where the boat can be picked up. For an additional surcharge we can offer residential delivery. Contact Us for a shipping quote.

Where can I see a Virus Rowing Scull?

It is most likely that a Virus dealer or rower lives within driving distance. We will establish the contacts for you to see and test row.

Would my boat ever sink and could it be rescued?


See the photos

Normally your boat shouldn't sink. The boat in the photos has extra open holes to mount different types of riggers and these can allow water inside the boat.

Should the scull ever get in to a precarious position, only a Virus Scull would allow these rescue efforts and emerge with no damage ready to be rowed again. In steps: secure lines on the cleat fore and aft or in one port at least, pull it as high as possible, open the access hatch if it is above the water level, drain as much as possible, take the rigger off if you can - it might be cumbersome and in the way and it will take weight off. Get the boat into a location where you can pull it up from the water.

To avoid this, secure the boat on the dock in the first place - yes, I should have done that. After the successful effort, row to relax.

Good luck.